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Indoor Netball

Unlike standard netball where the ball goes off the court often, in Social Netball the nets around the court means the ball is always in play, so it makes for a more action-packed game. (Hint: use the nets, they are your friend...)

Social Netball has only 3 basic positions, 2 in attack, 2 in the middle and 2 in defence making it far less complicated and much more enjoyable.

Our umpires are both good at what they do and super friendly, this is important in making sure you have a great experience. Our facility is family frendly, we often have children enjoying the facility and supporting mum and dad. For those who want to debrief over a cold refreshment, we are fully licensed and have a comfortable lounge court side!

The great thing about netball is – of course - girls are better at it than boys (ahem...) So it makes for a real fun social sport where girls can boss the boys around.

We currently play netball on the following nights...

  • Monday mixed 6-aside netball: $48 per game, 6 players on a team
  • Monday ladies 6-aside netball: $48 per game, 6 players on a team
  • Tuesday mixed 6-aside netball: $48 per game, 6 players on a team

Tuesday nights have both a social and a more competitive grade.

Mixed six aside teams are made up of no more than 3 guys on the court at any one time.  There can only be one guy in each of the positions on court.

Go here to register your team to play our social indoor netball.

The Karl Van Betuw Fast5 Netball Competition

Faster and more tactical than any sport we have down here at Metro!  Fast5 Netball is a sport for the competitive amongst you!  

You can shoot for 1, 2 or 3 points!  You only have 5 players on court at any one time, this opens up the court for more movement, more awareness and more options!  

With only two guys on court choose your positions strategically, and your power play even more strategically!  You get one quarter where all your points are doubled.  Can you take advantage of your power play while restricting the oppositions?  

You may join a league at any point and take advantage of the variety of sports and atmosphere we have down here at Metro Indoor Sports.  We provide a great little licensed lounge to share a laugh about the game afterwards.  

We play Fast5 on Thursdays and is proving to be very popular with all those that play it!

$42.50 per game, 5 players on a team

Go here to register your team to play our Fast5 netball.