Thursday – mixed social (6 players on a team)

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If you are looking for a sport to be a good excuse to hang out with mates, laugh, exercise
and work together as a team, Dodgeball is absolute perfection…

Played with 6 players on each team, on the field of play at once. Dodgeball is exactly what it sounds like and yes, just like the movie. Dodge the balls being thrown at you and survive, throw the balls back and hit the opponents (just not in the head!), its as easy as that.

A game of strategy, teamwork and physicality, Dodgeball is a great team sport we offer where everyone can get involved and have an awesome run around, at the same time!! Just remember those 5 D’s of Dodgeball,

  • Dodge
  • Dip
  • Duck
  • Dive
  • … and Dodge.

    Playing in a mixed comp? Mixed teams must have a minimum of one female on the court at any time!

$51 per team

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