Todays Hours
Wed 5pm - 10pm

Metro Elan Club – A School Holiday Programme like no other!


Unlike any other programme, we require your children for the full two weeks.  Why is that?  Because our programme will grow your children’s confidence, interactions and imagination in an exciting, unique and deliberate process of achievement.


We focus on the growth in confidence of your children by developing some real life skills, such as goal setting, winning and losing the right way, fundamental sports skills, public speaking, team work, negotiation and encouragement.


We have software, designed to track the progress of your children, from beginning to end.  We are then able to assess what your children enjoyed the most, disliked the most, how much progress they made during their school holidays and how they did as a group.  This is brand new technology, unique to the Metro Elan Club and we are excited to see the results.


What’s more important for the children themselves?  Well, that they have a great time!  Our programme is full of fun activities, movies, outings, games, and sports that will keep them challenged and interested the whole time.  There is a few activities within the programme they may never have done before, and we are excited for their participation.


The earliest you may drop your children off is 8am, with a programme start time of 8.45am.  We run the programme through until 5pm each day, pickup is between 5pm and 6pm.  It is expected your children will attend each day, for the full day.  Our programme builds on skills learnt as the programme progresses, so attendance is very important.


The cost of the programme is $59 per day, per child, which equates to between $5.90 and $7.30 per hour.  We believe this is great value considering the benefits of the programme.


If you have any questions, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page, just here, we are happy to answer your questions and send through more information if you request it.  We are currently taking bookings for the September/October school holidays and spaces are limited so please enquire now.


Download our flyer here – Front and Back