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Metro 7 a-side Netball coming soon…

That is right! After the success of our 7 a-side Netball tournament, we are going to try out Netball 7s, in a Thursday night weekly league format!

We will be hosting both MIXED and LADIES ONLY leagues on Thursday nights. Mixed leagues, there can only be a maximum of 3 male players on court at a time, and may not play within the same direct zone as each other (i.e., GS and GA, or GK and GD – it is up to discretion of the umpire in regards to other positions on court) [see rule book]. Ladies leagues – pretty self explanatory, no male players on court 🙂

Wanting to know prices for games? For 7 a-side netball, individual player cost is $8 – $56 per team. Remember, there are no sign up fees, just sign up, pay and play on the night. We also have on offer, our first game free deal! If you sign a team up to play, you’ll get your first game FREE so you can give it try at no cost!

The league will begin once we have enough teams signed up to begin the league!

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