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Business lunch time sports leagues

We have on offer an opportunity for your company to partake in our lunch time leagues. The games run for 30 minutes and we supply everything – Umpires, the ball, bibs, the works.


Why play sport over lunch?  According to a document by Regional Public Health in the Wellington Region, “A guide to promoting health and wellness in the workplace” the benefits to organizations that invest in health and wellness programmes include

  • Reduced health care costs
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Greater staff retention, and many more

The benefits to the employees of that organization include

  • Increased performance
  • Increased loyalty
  • A happier and more resilient workforce, and many more


A lot of people haven’t the opportunity to play sport after work with family or other commitments.  Why not come down and give it a try, see if you like it!  If you haven’t played down here at Metro then there are a number of benefits for playing down here, first and foremost, we are very close to the exchange, and within walking distance of your business, providing an easy commute to play your games.  Or if you are driving, nowhere is far from the centre of town in Dunedin.


Our courts are enclosed by nets, and slightly smaller than your typical basketball court.  The significance of this is the ball is never out of play.  You get much more play for the same amount of game time.  More than that, because of the style of play Indoor Soccer at our facility demands, players with less skill are easily able to participate with players of greater skill, in effect, evening the playing field a little.


Metro Indoor Sports has one overriding focus - to provide the best possible experience for everyone who plays here.  We have invested heavily in our umpires, who have a unique training programme, unique to Dunedin and New Zealand.  Our programme is designed to decrease the learning curve of umpiring while focusing our umpires on quality and consistent performance.


Finally, the thing that separates us is our close-knit family environment.  We are a small facility, three courts, and we focus on players and staff building good relationships through encouragement and friendly interaction.

I would encourage you to call us on 477 9006 and talk with Michael regarding our Business House lunch league.  Wellington has proved a Business Lunch League can be very successful, and has significant benefits to both the business and the employee.


Our focus is dedicated to your staff having a great time, getting active and motivated.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email.  We are more than happy to talk with you regarding our offer.


Our current offer is $425 for a full season.  Each season runs the length of the primary school term, and you will receive five free team playing shirts when you pay for your first season in advance.


To enrol in our leagues please go to this link – and look for our Business Leagues.


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