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Do I need to know how to play?

No.  We have a wide range of teams from those who are just beginning and have never played before to those who have played a lot and are quite experienced.  The rules are on the website under each sports heading for you to download and read, but any of the staff on counter will be able to help you out if you need it.  

What is your privacy policy

Yes, we do collect information from the players that play at our facility.  All information is kept private unless prior consent is given for us to share that information.  

How are your sports different to the traditional games?

Our courts are surrounded by nets.  Court dimensions are 10.50m (w) x 30m (l) x 4m (h).  The ball is always in play, there is no chasing it across other courts or stopping while it is fetched.  

In netball, soccer and cricket the ball can bounce off the nets.  You can pass it to team mates off the nets (netball), pass it to yourself off the nets (soccer) or take catches off the nets (cricket).  The games flow well and there is very little down time.  The smaller courts mean you are always involved in the game and allows for plenty of action.

Do we have to bring any equipment to play?

No.  We supply the umpires, the sports equipment, the sports bibs, the courts, the scoring, the lot.  You are welcome to bring your own team bibs if you like.  For cricketers we supply cotton gloves for batting, if you would prefer proper batting gloves you are welcome to bring them along.


If you like to wear your own protective equipment then feel more than welcome to bring that along also.

How do I sign up?

Decide what sport you want to play and which night you want to play it (go here to do this now) and enter your details in the forms as requested.  It’s as simple as that.

You are welcome to let me know what week you want to start.  Once your team arrives at the facility you will have to fill in a registration card with your players details such as name, cell number and email address.  We will take you through a small induction process, it’s nothing too onerous, then you are all set to go!

Do you need each players phone number?

Yes we do.  If game times need to be changed or something happens it is important we are able to contact one or all of your team mates.

Do you need an email address of all our players?

Emails are really important.  When you are put into the system a confirmation email will be sent to you, once you have confirmed you will be sent game time notifications telling you when your games are the following week.  You can use this notification to confirm whether you are playing that week or not so the captain doesn't have to follow you up because organising a team can be tricky.  They will be automatically advised of your availability once you respond to your email.

You can create a password and log into the system allowing you to see all your previous results, what teams you are on, the team statements (how much money has been paid and is owing/credit) and more.  This system is very simple and easy to use, and gives you plenty of freedom to register for extra games if you want them, or ask for extra players if you are short for some reason.

How do we pay for games?

There are a number of options.  

  1. You pay upfront as a team for the whole season
  2. You pay in cash via your captain as one payment prior to the game beginning each week
  3. You pay via internet banking each week.  If this is the case, please see us for more details.


Please head to this page to pay for your games if you would like to do it via our website...

What if we can't play one week?

No problem at all.  Give us at least four days advanced warning so we are able to switch the draw around and contact the other teams.  

Less notice will leave you with default fees to pay, however, we wish to avoid teams paying default fees where possible, so if at any point you are short players please let us know, we have a large list of players who like to fill in and can help you to field a team no matter how late the notice is!  This is a better result than defaulting your game, and incurring default fees anyway.

Can we pay money in advance?

Yes you can, we keep a record of team payments so we will have that available if you ever want to check your statement.  You can also log on to our system and check those details at any point, along with many other details which are registered in your account.

When are the draws up?

The draws are scheduled the previous week, you receive an email with the draw 4 days before your fixture.

What if we are short players one week?

If your team can't find enough players one night, please get in touch with us (477 9006) and I will find you a fill in player.  This is a much better result than pulling your team out as you will have to pay a default fee anyway.  You will still be liable for your full team fees, however, this is much more preferable than receiving default fees.


How is the leagues seasons structured?

We run 10 weeks of round robin games, followed by a semi-final week and a final week.  All teams play in all weeks whether they are in the top four spots or not.  The season then starts again straight after the finals week, there is no down time.  

Please select draws and standings if you would like to see an updated results table.

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